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2017 MSRC Dissertation Award Winners Announced

MSRC recently approved four $2,000 awards in the sixth annual Dissertation Completion Award competition. Each year, MSRC makes awards available to doctoral students whose dissertation director is a current member of the Military Suicide Research Consortium. These awards are intended to provide necessary support for completion of a doctoral dissertation on a topic of relevance to the Consortium.

The approved researchers are:

Melanie Hom, Florida State University
Identifying Correlates and Predictors of Help-Seeking and Treatment Engagement among Undergraduates at Elevated Suicide Risk with and without a Military Service History

Ian Stanley, Florida State University
Identifying Effective Approaches to Counseling on Firearm Safety: A Randomized Experimental Design Among Firearm-Familiar Individuals at Risk for Suicide

Keyne Law, University of Southern Mississippi
Mechanisms Driving Suicidal Ideation to Action: The Impact of Rumination and Physiological Arousal on Momentary Fluctuations in Pain Tolerance and Persistence

Katrina Speed, Mississippi State University
A Pilot Study: Imagery Rehearsal Therapy with Clinician vs Smart Phone Application Intervention for Treating Nightmares, PTSD, and Suicide Risk Within the Military Community