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Bringing Awareness To PTSD

Source: WLTX
Published: Thursday 27 June, 2013

Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Everyday in our country, 22 veterans commit suicide and often post traumatic stress disorder is the cause.

Thursday advocates held a rally for National Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Day at the State House.

"It's a problem that we don't talk about enough," said Steven Diaz with Hidden Wounds.

The United States Military loses more soldiers due to suicide over combat related deaths. Diaz says addressing this major issue starts with education.

"22 veterans die by suicide every day, that's just an astounding number."

PTSD doesn't only affect those who are in the military.

"It can happen to anyone with sexual trauma, child abuse, car accidents."

But for those who have served our country like retired First Sergeant Will Roberts, hearing that 22 vets commit suicide everyday isn't that shocking of a number.

"It's not surprising and I am surprised it is that low," said Roberts.

Roberts thought about killing himself twice. We spoke with him last year when he was on active duty and that's when he met RC, his PAALS (Palmetto Animal Assisted Life Services) dog.

"I can honestly say without her, I would be part of that number."

He says he still struggles, but with the help of PAALS and other organizations it has given him hope.

Diaz wants those who are suffering from PTSD to know that there are a number of organizations available to help.

"VA hospital will provide everything that vets will need to deal with PTSD and suicide prevention but we also want to supplement it with what hidden wounds is doing and other organizations that are family and veteran run for vets and family," said Diaz.

Roberts says after you get help, the key is to take it one day at a time.

"Every day is a blessing dude, everyday is a great day. I don't take anything for granted," said Roberts.

If you are dealing with PTSD and need help CLICK HERE.