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MSRC Members to present at 2012 APA Conference

David Rudd and Jane Kemp are part of a 7-person panel discussing "Reframing Perspectives on Suicide in the U.S. Military" at the 2012 American Psychological Association conference in Orlando, August 3.

David Rudd will present "Brief Treatment for Suicide Attempters in a Military Environment".

Abstract The unique characteristics and constraints of the military environment limit the delivery of traditional mental health treatments. This is particularly true in the clinical management of suicide risk, including both ideation and suicide attempts. This presentation will review a brief cognitive behavioral treatment for suicidality. The treatment is purposefully limited in both intensity and duration, with the central target the reduction of suicidal behavior and associated symptomatology (e.g. anxiety, depression, hopelessness) through basic skill development and generalization. The treatment model and component parts will be reviewed, including a case example. The issue of a “phased approach” to treatment will be discussed, with contrasts to traditional models. Implications for clinical practice in general will be emphasized, regardless of context.

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