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MSRC's Pre-Conference Research Training Day to take place at AAS Austin

The Military Suicide Research Consortium (MSRC) co-Directors, Drs. Gutierrez and Joiner, are pleased to announce the partcipants of the first MSRC pre-conference research training day. The training day is to be held Wednesday April 24 prior to the 2013 American Association of Suicidology (AAS) conference, in Austin, TX.

Places were available for students or research fellows across levels of training (graduate to post-doctoral). The purpose of the training day is to provide those with an interest in developing their skills as military/Veteran suicide researchers with intensive training to move a specific relevant project forward.

A top-notch faculty will provide the didactic sessions and serve as individual mentors. In addition to Drs. Gutierrez and Joiner, faculty will be Dr. Jon Maner (Florida State University), Dr. Marjan Holloway (Uniform Services University of the Health Sciences), Dr. Sean Joe (University of Michigan), Dr. Matthew Nock (Harvard), Dr. Kelly Cukrowicz (Texas Tech University), and Dr. Michael Allen (University of Colorado School of Medicine).

25 researchers will be attending the training day, selected from institutions across the country and covering a diverse range of specific interests.

Deon Cobasky, University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Topic/Interest: Case review of soldier suicides

Chris Drapeau, Ball State
Topic/Interest: Psychache, perceived social support, and executive functioning in soldiers

Matt Michaels, Florida State University
Topic/Interest: Conformity to masculine norms and suicide risk in active duty

Abby Adler, University of Pennsylvania, Beck Research Center
Topic/Interest: Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Cognitive Processes in Suicide Attempts

Autumn Gallegos, Canandaigua VA
Topic/Interest: MBSR RCT for female Veterans

Collin Davidson, VISN 19 MIRECC
Topic/Interest: Physical activity and suicide risk in primary care Veteran patients

Raymond Tucker, Oklahoma State
Topic/Interest: Assessment of SI and intent through indirect means

Dan Capron, Florida State University
Topic/Interest: Development of brief computerized intervention for ASCC and depression

Jaime Carreno, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
Topic/Interest: Development of inpatient family and peer based intervention for suicidal service members

Ian Cero, Auburn University
Topic/Interest: Is IPTS really interactive or just curvilinear?

Sarra Nazem, West Virginia University
Topic/Interest: Development of a military-specific measure of acquired capability

Kelly Zuromski, Auburn University
Topic/Interest: Exploring the relationship between PTSD symptom clusters and the acquired capability for suicide

Carol Chu, Florida State University
Topic/Interest: Relationship between NSSI and suicide over time from the perspective of the interpersonal-psychological theory of suicide

Alexis May, University of British Columbia
Topic/Interest: Differentiating between inpatients admitted for SI vs SA

Elizabeth Ballard, Johns Hopkins
Topic/Interest: Early Risk and protective factors for suicidal thoughts and behaviors in individuals enlisted in the U.S. Armed Forces

Maria De Las Mercedes Perez Rodriguez, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Topic/Interest: Effects of intranasal oxytocin on amygdala reactivity

Rebekah Huber, University of Utah Brain Institute
Topic/Interest: Altitude as suicide risk factor in Veterans using NVDRS data

Jessica MacIntyre, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
Topic/Interest: Emotion dysregulation in suicidal thoughts and behaviors

Clara Fajardo, University of Denver
Topic/Interest: Relationship between acquired capability, positive self-perception, and negative affect in Veterans

Jennifer Villatte, University of Washington
Topic/Interest: Development of brief ACT for suicidal inpatients

Brooke Dorsey Holliman, VISN 19 MIRECC
Topic/Interest: Exploration of intersection between warrior identity, gender and race - differential associations with suicide risk

Stephanie Williams, Palo Alto University
Topic/Interest: Cultural variation in risk factors for incarcerated individuals

Chris Hagan, Florida State University
Topic/Interest: Genetic markers of IPTS in college students

Lindsay Meyer, Palo Alto University
Topic/Interest: Assessing suicide risk in forensic psychiatric inpatients

Stephanie Pennings, University of Southern Mississippi
Topic/Interest: Clarifying the relationship between narcissism and suicidality by distinguishing between the two subtypes of narcissism