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Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation Launches Training to Help Returning Veterans Adjust to Post-Deployment Life

Source: MarketWatch
Published: Friday 28 June, 2013

Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation Launches Training to Help Returning Veterans Adjust to Post-Deployment Life:
Kognito Interactive's Family of Heroes Training Prepares Families of Returning Veterans to Manage PTSD, Depression and other Mental Health Disorders

NEW YORK and COLUMBUS, Ohio, June 28, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation is now offering an avatar-based, online training program that teaches spouses, parents and siblings how to anticipate the challenges and help their returning veteran adjust to post-deployment life. Kognito Interactive's Family of Heroes educates how to identify post-deployment stress - including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and suicidal intent -- and how to motivate the veteran to seek help. Veteran families and friends in Ohio can access the online training at It is available at no cost.

"Suicide is a tragic occurrence that unfortunately is far more common than most people realize, even with our Veteran population," said Carolyn Givens, Executive Director at Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation. "Providing support, educational tools and counseling for our veterans and those closest to them is key to helping them and their families adjust to life back home as well as restoring hope for the future."

Family of Heroes is a role-playing resiliency and PTSD training simulation that teaches essential skills to manage common challenges facing families in adjusting to post-deployment life. This includes managing expectations from their service member's return, learning to identify post-deployment stress, and managing conversations with the goals of de-escalating arguments, negotiating family responsibilities, and, if needed, motivating the veteran or service member to seek help for post-deployment stress, PTSD, TBI, or suicidal ideation.

"In 2012, the suicide rate among the nation's active-duty military personnel spiked, surpassing the number of troops that died in battle - in fact, the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs reported that a staggering 22 veterans commit suicide every single day," said Ron Goldman, co-founder and CEO of Kognito. "Creating educational tools that can help those that served our country and curbing this staggering trend is something that Kognito is proud to do."

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SOURCE: Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation