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Thomas Joiner: "Lonely at the Top"

Lonely at the top

MSRC's Thomas Joiner's latest work is titled "Lonely at the Top".

Men appear to enjoy many advantages in society-on average they make more money, have more power, and enjoy a greater degree of social freedom than women. But many men pay a high price for the pursuit of success and power. Taking family and friends for granted, men will often let relationships take a back seat to their professional ambitions, only to ultimately find themselves with few real friends they can rely on in hard times. As a result, they turn to affairs, alcohol, and other self-destructive behaviors. Sadly, millions of men suffer untreated depression.

In this groundbreaking and provocative book, award-winning clinical psychologist Thomas Joiner makes an impassioned call for society to recognize the harmful effects that solitude can have on men. Drawing on original research done for the National Institute of Mental Health, he focuses on the particular situations that leave men rudderless. He offers advice on support systems that are most useful to men, and he offers prescriptive advice on how men can improve their lives.

In Praise of "Lonely at the Top":

"That magnificent machine known as the male body comes with a cultural operating manual called 'masculinity.' As Thomas Joiner explains in this insightful and sensible book, operating this machine according to instructions can be hazardous to your health. Succeeding at masculinity often comes at an enormous psychic price. Warning: do not attempt at home -- or at work, or around other living creatures. Read this book instead." — Michael Kimmel, professor of sociology at SUNY Stony Brook and author of Guyland and Manhood in America

“Puts forth down-to-earth and simple yet effective solutions…Joiner’s well-rounded approach brings attention to a prevalent problem.” — Publishers Weekly

"It's no secret that men over 40 are in trouble. Thomas Joiner has uncovered the real reasons so many men are lonely, angry, and depressed. If you're a man or care about men, this book could save your relationship and may even save your life. Get it now!" — Jed Diamond, Ph.D., author Surviving Male Menopause and The Irritable Male Syndrome

“Lonely at the Top will persuade countless men who view depression as a sign of weakness to seek treatment, benefiting not only themselves but everyone who loves and lives with them.” — Anne Sheffield, author of How You Can Survive When They’re Depressed and Depression Fallout

"Thomas Joiner's Lonely at the Top is an articulate, well-researched, compassionate and wise wake-up call for the millions of men who suffer in their loneliness and loss of purpose and connection. It provides clear, powerful, and well-researched solutions to the disconnection that many men experience. This is a book that anyone interested in mental health who cares about men should read!" — Robert Leahy, best selling author of The Worry Cure

“Lonely at the Top is one of those rare, life-changing books that can deeply explain a reader to himself. It does so with regards to the most difficult kind of self-assessment, where a man’s vulnerability and pain are inextricably bound up with his manifest talent and achievement. And the book goes even further, offering specific, pitch-perfect, practical recommendations for relief from a life of lonely striving.” — Robert Olen Butler, author of A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain

"Loneliness kills, maims and can create agonizing burden to many people. No one has documented this as persuasively and with such compelling data as Thomas Joiner in Lonely at the Top. We need laser analysis of this underappreciated health crisis and realistic interventions-practical tips unlike much of what has been proposed in the past, that may actually heal those who are so isolated and here too, Lonely at the Top delivers." — Nancy Rappaport, author of In Her Wake: A Child Psychiatrist Explores the Mystery of Her Mother's Suicide

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